Upcoming Dates for the 2017-2018 School Year



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Student Supply List

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Parent Reminder

Parents are reminded that while students are in school, they should not be texting or phoning their children on cell phones as this distubrs the class. All communications need to go through the main office. If the message is an emergency we will immediately call the student out of class to speak to you, otherwise students will be given any message you leave at an appropriate time.

Open Gym

SBMS students are welcome to come to the gym in the morning from 8:30-8:45a.m. Students must already have their shoes and gym clothes as they will not be

permitted to go to lockers until after the school opens at 8:45a.m..


Info for parents K-12 – My child in School



Grade 5-8 Parents and Students – a resource to deepen your understanding of school curriculum topics in Mathematics and Science.



SBMS Facebook

SBMS has created a Facebook page to help in communicating school wide activities to parents. For a parent or legal quardian to join go to Parents of Ecole School Bateman

and request membership. This is intended as a one way communication and any questions or concerns need to be directed in the proper way by email or by phone.


Thank You



Positive Behaviour

Students are reminded that only those who display positive behavior during the month are allowed to attend extra-curricular events such as school dances. During school dances, our school rules apply and students are not prohibited to use cell phones or cameras on school property. The phones in the office are always available for student use. Students who have been suspended or received a Saturday School are ineligible to attend, but can try again next month.


Extreme Cold Weather Policy

As we return to colder temperatures, KSD would like to remind parents of the Division’s Extreme Weather Conditions Policy.
Policy EBCA, subsection C, D and E are outlined below.
C – Closing of all schools in the Division. This would usually occur because of very severe weather conditions. The decision to close will be made by the Division Office Administration who will notify local radio stations.
D – Cancellation of Busses only. Kelsey School Division buses will not run at temperatures in excess of -45◦ Celsius. (As defined by Environment Canada, The Pas Airport). The decision as whether to operate the buses for the whole day will be made at 6:00 am. The local radio stations will be notified if they will not be running.
E – Parental Discretion. With a windchill in excess of -45◦ Celsius, as defined by Environment Canada (The Pas Airport), parents will be advised via media that attendance will be at their discretion and the students will not be penalized.
Parents can choose to keep children home if they feel weather conditions are too severe, even if the school remains open. The school needs to be notified the child will not be attending.
Every effort shall be made to give notice of the decision as to whether to operate the buses for the whole day, before 7:30am. The announcement shall be through CJAR Radio Station and the KSD website www.ksd.mb.ca
The bus driver will call all students on their route. It is extremely important to send updated phone numbers to the school for contact purposes.


SBMS Community Report (Click here for full report)

Reminders to Parents:

The road (Wadelius Drive) off Grace Lake Road is accessible for parents and busses and staff will no longer use that road. The road off of Smith Avenue is used exclusively for staff and busses. This change was made to ensure the safety of students crossing Wadelius Drive. We ask that parents do not park in the staff parking lot. Currently we do not have visitor parking, but visitors can park in the visitor parking at MBCI.  The pool parking lot is for their patrons only.

Bus students and paid lunch students must remain on school property during the lunch hour. This includes the MBCI cafeteria during our lunch hour. Should parents wish to pick up students for lunch, they may come into the school where their child will be waiting for them. Students who are picked up at lunch or go home for lunch should not return to the school until 12:45 pm. We are also asking parents to ensure that students who go home for lunch are indeed arriving at home.  A number of students spend their lunch time off school property in unsafe areas where SBMS staff cannot supervise them. We ask parents for their support to ensure the safety of their children during lunch time. Should you wish to have your paid lunch student leave the school grounds, you will need to sign a form at the SBMS Office.

Provincial Report Card

SBMS will now be using the provincial report card and therefore, Grade 6 students are no longer eligible to receive honour status as this is an academic award based on percentage grade. Grade 6 students will still be eligible to receive a merit award. More information regarding the provincial report card is available on their website atwww.edu.gov.mb.ca/k12/assess/report_card.html



All students are required to have a pair of in-door shoes for use in the Gym and their classroom.


Bus Passes

Bus passes can be issued to students for emergency situations. The request must be submitted in writing to the office prior to the 11:50 a.m. to ensure that a spot is available on a bus. Students who do not inform the office will not be issued a pass as it may be too late to contact the division office.


New Staff Members

 SBMS would like to welcome the following staff members. Dawn Zaharia (Grade 6-8), Lindsay Harkness (Grade 6-7), Joe Panzine (Grade 6-2 1/4 time), Beth Whyte (Multimedia Shops), and Sam Otin (Education Assistant). Furthermore, Brooke Lane, Shauna Yellowega, and Hannah Ivins have returned from maternity leave.


MBCI Cafeteria

The cafeteria at MBCI is available for SBMS students to purchase lunch. $6.00 pays for a complete meal and drink. The MBCI cafeteria sells lunch cards as well at $60.00 per card and each card is for 10 lunches. They can be purchased in the cafeteria.

Caution Fees

Caution fees must be paid in order for students to participate in after-school activities and student council activities such as School Dances. Grade 6 students pay $50.00 and Grade 7 and 8 students pay $45.00


Grub Box: The Grub Box charity number for Scott Bateman Middle School is 928.